Missed Y'all Like Cray Cray!

Hey  lovelies! I have a ton of infotainment here and I'm soooooo sorry I've been MIA. I've got a lot going on that I'm actually going to share them so that you know that i have not deserted you at all.
I sincerely apologize for being gone off the blog, but it has been so crazy over here! it's  been good, difficult, bad and ugly, but with you lovelies behind me I'm going to make it. okay here it goes....

My settlement visa is still on appeal so i had to print and submit 300 and more documents within a certain time frame as evidence to prove my case to the Entry Clearance Officer and Immigration judge that my relationship with DH is not a scam. this process of getting this visa is upsetting and invasive. we had to show more very personal emails from yahoo and g mail, Facebook, bbm, photos, phone logs... details of my life  that are sensitive which i have to submit to some faceless-cold-bitter... Eco/immigration judge. this process is plain Horri To The Ble!

So all that being said, i have been working, printing and trying to focus with everything, but it's getting done and I'm soooooo happy with the results so far.

So, I'm gonna give you lovelies the comprehensive lists of documents for a settlement visa. you can help a family or friend from getting burnt by the ECO:

  • Filled application form
  • Sponsorship undertaking form signed by sponsor
  • Property details of house he/she's going to stay
  • Passport copies of sponsor
  • Entry and exit stamps of trips.
  • Employer certificate 
  • Salary slips of 6 months to 1 year 
  • Water, electricity and gas bills
  • Latest salary appraisal letters and other documents which proved that the above has a good and stabilized job.
  • Bank statements to show savings that there's enough money to take care of you
  • Marriage certificates
  • Wedding photographs. infact, lots of photos showing courtship/ visits
  • letters, Facebook, yahoo mail, g mail, bbm messages and phone logs showing how long you have known each other.
  • Documents related to your marriage to prove that your wedding was legal such as wedding invitation cards, wedding programme, greeting cards, wedding cards you received from family, friends and guest
  • Monthly income expenditure budgets showing that you are not going to seek for public funds
  • Separate letters from both of you stating how your relationship started and how it progressed.

And again, I sincerely apologize for being missing in action. i love y'all cray! AIM (always in mind) I'm always thinking of y'all.

Zinny Chukwuka!!

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