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Questions To Get You Thinking

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In order to get ourselves thinking, rrrrrrrreally thinking, you have to be in a calm, relaxed state of mind that can make you think on your feet.. these questions are what i ponder over and  over and over again and it gives me clarity of direction, and has powerfully changed my life and set me off in a direction that truly has deep meaning...there are things that i do now that i never could have ever imagined doing, not even in a million years. Ponder on these:

1. what wilderness experience has helped you see your gifts more clearly?

2. List in details of your own "I AMS"

3.What are the 3 positive and powerful word pictures about yourself? You have to write/draw.

4. Whom do you tell yourself that you are on a daily basis?

5. If each word you said about yourself fell and wrapped itself around you like a garment, what would your self-talk wardrobe look like?

6. What good, pure, true and beautiful words do you feed your mind everyday with?

I'm  a generational answer, A tear wiper, A financial pillar/giant, A bridge, A ladder, I'm a fighter and with God by my side, i'll conquer!!!! I'm Ezinne Christine "the chosen one".

Seriously, this post is life affirming and these questions I've shared with y'all , will really help you to get there. Your dreams are still valid! See you at the top! 

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