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Pregnancy Must-Haves

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Now that you are pregnant, it's time to add some basics to your wardrobe! am sooo sorry sweeddyyy, but you need to ditch that LBD, that fabulously great pair of jeans cos with a growing belly come swollen feet, boobs, ... don't fret! u can still be fashionable while heavily pregnant.


As your shape changes, your day-day panties might get less comfortable during and after  pregnancy. comfort is key, that doesn't mean you have to stock up on granny panties cos maternity panties come in different styles, from thongs to boy shorts to every...#wink#. you can place your order here

Comfortable shoes

One of the possible side effects of pregnancy is sore feet, making comfortable shoes a pregnancy must-have. do your feet a huge favour and get yourself a pair of  cozy shoes.

Nursing Bras

Another peek of pregnancy is ever growing boobs, and that means you are definitely going to need new bras which have flaps or other feature which can make breast feeding very quick and easy. They are perfect during and after pregnancy. You can Place your order here

This is an exciting time in your life, and having the right wardrobe basics can make it, fun and comfortable.

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