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Tasha Smith Ordered To Stay 100 Yards Away From Her Husband

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I do love actress Tasha Smith ball busting bad ass wifey roles in Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls, Why Did I Get Married I & II and For Better or Worse because they are hilarious! imagine this scenario of a full grown man running around the house scared that his badass wifey is about to chop off his winkies..LOL...hey! I thought it was just plain acting ... LOL. she needs to get her issues in check. There's nothing worse than a drunk woman, screaming and acting crazy!!

TMZ has the scoop:

Tasha Smith's husband Keith Douglas just obtained a restraining order demanding Tasha stay at least 2 yards away from him inside their home and at least 100 yards away from him outside the house.

Keith accuses Tasha of getting blind drunk and threatening to kill him or get people to hurt him and has warned him 'not to fall asleep or something would happen.'

Keith also says Tasha has threatened him in front of his children forcing him to flee the house.

A full hearing has been set to decide which one of them will eventually have to leave the home.

Her friends are saying that Tasha has no issues with alcohol and that his claim is just "ridiculous"...hmmm.. waiting for Tasha's statement.

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