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Wendy Williams hateful Opinion About Kelly's New-born's name +Kelly Rowland Claps Back

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Why Wendy??? that's a cheap shot! If you want to talk about Kelly and being critical of her career that's cool but to drag her newborn child into this is ridiculous. Like why are you even discussing this baby's name?… Wendy was stopped by Huffington Post Live and talked about her hosting at the soul train awards, on her surgeries, Lil’ Kim’s surgeries, on her parents being embarrassed of her, on her trash talking persona and having no regrets but didn’t miss to express her opinion of Kelly naming her newborn son “Titan”.

Wendy Told
Well, I hope that the boy can live up to that because I’ll tell you what, a “titan” is not short. and he’s not scrawny. “Titan” to me is, even if he’s short, he’s wide and cut, and you gotta play the game of life like a titan. You can’t be a loser. So I hope that he can live up to it.

Marc Lamont Hill: He ain’t gonna be no loser with them parents. Well, that parent.

She hasn’t worked in a while though. Nobody’s buying her music. She was a judge on the judges’ shows and she’s not on them [now] and mind you, I love Kelly Rowland but I’m just calling it the way it’s factual. Her husband is her manager, but is her career on the go up or on the come down?

So Titan then is going to have to make his own [money.] He’s going to have to be smart in school and make his own bones and hopefully he’ll be able to live up to the name. Again, I love Kelly Rowland, but I have to call it the way I see it.” Wendy said.

Well, Kelly Rowland claps back in a very classy way by posting some very inspiring quotes:



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