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WHAT?! Oprah Given 12 Weeks to Live After Cancer Diagnosis

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I'm sorry if this trending buzz turns out to be a cruel joke.

Eliteja.com has the scoop:

Daytime talk show extraordinaire Oprah was given the shock of her life when a routine check up turned into her having less than four months to live following a stage 4 cancer diagnosis. “I’ve made more money than I could spend in a life time, but I’m going to enjoy seeing what kind of dent I can put in $2 billion in 3 months” Said Oprah proclaiming that she would spend half her fortune making a few lucky fans dreams come true, donating the rest and while leaving something for her dog and Steadman. Oprah seem to be in high spirits saying “why be sad when I can buy a small country, name it Oprah, and live forever”

If this is true, then I'm sooooo... speechless! dunno what to say! aaaaarrrrgggh! My God of divine health, I pray that Oprah experience a strange miracle as cancer listens to your voice... Heal her O Lord!:(

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