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8 months ago, pop princess RIRI dismissed a report that surfaced on the internet that she was pregnant. Guess what?! The most controversial and most visited website in the world -MediaTakeOut has an exclusive scoop that Rihanna is PREGNANT. They swear that this time it's NOT rumors but it's 100% certified facts!

MTO has the scoop:

We spoke with TWO SEPARATE SOURCES that told us that Rihanna is working on a NEW SONG ON HER ALBUM - where she will talk about being pregnant. One tipster explained, "The song is a ballad,where Rihanna talks about the "baby growing inside me."
And there's more. Rihanna has banned ALL WEED SMOKING inside the studio while she records - a VERY unusual step for Rihanna, who is known for smoking weed like a CHIMNEY!!
We're told that Rihanna is EXTREMELY happy about having a baby, and that she JUST FOUND OUT about her pregnancy a FEW DAYS AGO!! Congratulations to Rih - we LOVE HER TO DEATH and are so HAPPY about her new family.
As for the father - we have NO IDEA WHO IT CAN BE - some folks are speculating that it could be Drake. But we don't have ANY INFORMATION on who it can be.
Oh and we are not 80% sure about this, or 90% . . . we're 100% ON RIH BEING PREGNANT. In fact, we're SO CERTAIN . . . that we'll bet ANY MEDIA COMPANY that doubts Rihanna's pregnancy $10,000. Come on . . . anyone wanna put their MONEY UP against our reporting!!!

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