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Teenager Fired From Pizza Job Before She Even Started

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A teenager learned the hard way that sentiments she posts on social media can come back to bite her in the butt. Celia, an unemployed Texas teenager, tweeted her dissatisfaction at starting a new job at a notorious pizza joint run by a “gangsta pizza king”.

Celia tweeted “Ew I start this f*ck ass job tomorrow,” followed by a series of thumbs down emojis. Well someone who follows Celia on Twitter.com sent the tweet to Jet Pizza’s franchise owner Robert Waple, who promptly fired the insubordinate teenager before she could even try on her new uniform

Celia wasn’t too upset at the prospect of looking for a new job before she even started her old one.

Waple also got into it with other teenagers who were apparently terminated for their lack of hockey skills.

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