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Anonymous blog visitor needs your candid advice...

Hi Zinny, please I really need your advice and that of other blog visitors on this. When the presidential election was scheduled to hold on February 14th, I was overjoyed because I thought that I had found an easy way out to escape not celebrating my girlfriend's birthday on the 13th and Valentine's day on the 14th of February. Now that the presidential poll has been postponed, I don't know what to do. Truthfully, Let's face it. I'm flat broke.

As a hustler and first son, it has not been easy from my own end but I have tried conspicuously to be a good boyfriend to my girlfriend and son to my parents. Recently, i spent so much money on feeding and relocating my family members and their properties from the north back to the east just because of the current election fears coupled with the boko haram insurgency that is still steaming hot...

I TRIED explaining to my girl about my current financial situation and i'm tired of explaining to that selfish girl. However, I'm still not able to pay for anything else except the fuel on most of our outings. outings that I know that I will have to pay for, which I cant possibly provide unless a miracle happens. this girl has money. what stops her from taking me out as well? can you imagine? she wants to finish mine but don't want to share hers with me. mind you, as a man, my core value is NOT to take money from any girl. i'm not a saint but i was raised to respect and treat woman right which i have done faithfully without compromising.

This morning, i told her that i could afford to squeeze out N5,000 so that we could cook up a nice meal and cosy up at home watching a nice movie... She wasn't hearing it. She kept on nagging and nagging. Do I look like an AT Machine that vomits cash for her to spend, spend, spend, spend, spend and more spend?

Zinny, my fellow blog readers, I'm just confused! I'm considering breaking up with her. do you know that since I started dating this girl, I have never had peace of mind or concrete savings? I seriously cannot afford anything right now. I am not ashamed but deeply hurt.
What would u do if u were in my shoes?

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