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My Golden Blood, Their Hope

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I did something spontaneous much valuable than gold as a social responsibility and I honestly couldn't wait to share my first experience as a blood donor with Y'all.

On Saturday, the 4th of July by 6:45am, my friend Chinelo organized a special blood donation camp to mark her birthday. I didn't want to participate because I felt that I didn't have enough spare blood to donate. On that bright morning, I didn't give a rat ass about my look! I was poorly dressed in my  favorite nightie which was a gift from my dear friend kaylachy. In order not to expose my beautiful, well crafted hot legs, I did the imaginable! Lol. I rocked an ankara wrapper tied around my chest and my signature hair net. I was the first to arrive the venue but later became the third blood donor because I was nervous... Lol. I sincerely hate needles.

The blood donation staffs were reallyyyyy understanding and gentle. After pricking my finger to make sure I was fit to donate blood – the male nurse gave me a questionnaire To fill up. Despite my huge phobia for needles, deep down I knew that my golden blood was going to save a life or more.

In that moment of filling out that questionnaire, I realized how far my Gracious Heavenly Father has brought me through the journey of life by allowing me to be in good health enough to give blood and help save lives.

When it was time to insert the needle, I looked away and told the ever smiling nurse not to make a mistake. Lol. I had to take a deep breathe and just like that, the needle was in my arm and I was donating blood. The needle insertion wasn’t that bad especially when it's for a good cause. I felt inner peace as I watched my blood slowly withdrawn in a plastic bag containing anti-coagulant to prevent blood from clotting...

My darlings, Real bliss can be achieved through love, selfless service and sacrifice, and not by amassing wealth alone. One must try to donate blood and see what joy, happiness and true satisfaction one will experience at the mere thought that this gesture may save somebody’s life.

Beloved, Donating blood is such a fulfilling experience, I can't wait to do it again, again and again.... Please, If you are eligible, Save a life and DONATE!! Someone desperately needs it.

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