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Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

How glam are these?! For shades that make a statement, this distinctive style definitely speaks for itself. Its over-sized, classy, reflective and adds charm to any wearer. It’s a must-have item for all fashionistas.

When you're fully dressed without a pair of great shades, then it’s time to think bright mirrored lenses because it gives you the needed personality to punch up any outfit. I sincerely promise, whatever your personal style, there's something for everyone inside.

They don't just hide saggy tired eyes, they also swank up your look by making everything you wear, look amazing; even your most basic outfits. And there's nothing better to turning heads... These mirror lens has spread like wildfire all over social media and the The “IT girls” on Instagram are no exception with their glamorous presence as they rocked stylish and trendier pair that they could lay their hands on.

Attraction Equation: Perfect hair+ Perfect sculpted brow+ Pouted luscious lips+ mirrored lenses= FABULOUSITY!

Check out for the perfect shade that speaks to your soul and make sure you try one of these looks next time you’re in the mood to trot out your mirrored shades:

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