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I love your style, Keep Calm!!!!
Large yellow "LADY DIOR" Bag Patinated Alligator

Hello Cuties, keep calm and scream Woo hoo!!! Am sooooo… excited as today’s topic is bag, bag, bag and more bags….. who doesn’t love a quality bag? Excuse you, everyone does! Women love handbags because they are a perfect vehicle—not just for keys, ipad, credit cards, and lipstick, but also their dreams and desires. Your bag defines who you truly are, and how you sling it, designers or imitation, determines how stylishly chic your personality truly is. Nothing pulls an outfit together quite like the statement handbag .The most interesting thing is that no matter the strictness of your dress code at work, your hand bag can always jazz things up. For some, a work bag is just, a work bag; but for the stylish super working wonder woman, a bag should be fun and stylish enough to compliment any work ensemble by giving it a pop Irrespective of her Iphone, iPad, keys, lipstick, water bottle, wallet, headphones, notebooks, or any other accessories needed for the work day. What ever the material, shape and size, let your bag do the talking this Wednesday!

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