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THEATRE PUPPET SHOW: Being Born A Girl And Woman In Africa

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Children of Lakeside Academy Abuja and their French teacher, Cynthia Osagie at a Theatre puppet show organized by the Institut Francias du Nigeria.
“Moi, Monsieur Moi” (Me, Sir, Me!) a children theatre and puppet show organized by the Institut Francias du Nigeria’s team in Ladi Kwali hall, Sheraton Hotels, Abuja on Friday, is a true life story of a child born in Senegal, who, like many others was given to her aunt,
her cousin, her uncle. It’s also a story sometimes comical of all those girls mistreated and abused, who raise their heads to find a place in society.

By using clowns and puppets as tools, the actress showed with humour the difficulty of being born a girl and woman. The organizers invited their partners in schools where French is spoken, to improve their speaking and listening skills because French is a major language of international communication. It is the second most widely learned 
language after English and the sixth most widely spoken language in the world. French is also the second most widely taught language after English.

The event had in attendance Senegalese Ambassador, Abubakar Samba, students of Lakeside Academy, Kingsville College, Hillside School, Spring Hall British School, Cherryfield College, Lightway Academy, Marcel Pagnol French School and children from the IDPs’ camps were not left out of the pure fun and laughter as they were all squealing and
laughing their hearts out as the actress who was in character acted by using clowns and puppet tools to the children’s delight. It was easy for those who didn’t understand French to appreciate what the puppet show was all about.

The Cultural Programme Officer, Institut français du Nigeria, Alice O’Reilly, explained that “Moi, monsieur, Moi (Me, Sir,Me) and other shows touring in Africa for 3 months were organized jointly with the French Institute in Paris, France. According to her, “The actress arrived this morning (Friday morning) to start the tour in Nigeria and she will go to 14 African countries. She is from Senegal to show the kids that French is not only the language we speak in France, and that it’s a big part of Africa that is speaking French. We wanted to have this show because it is a children’s show and we didn’t have much of children show. We wanted to invite our partners in school who are learning French to show them the
variety of the French language as well as their experience, maybe reminding the children of her story. This is a true life story that appealed to us.“This is why she’s emotive when she’s doing it because it’s her own life story that she’s being given away by uncle, aunt and cousin in France. She has been used and abused. She’s like a little doll; this is why she is using the puppets to make children understand the message in a childish way. “Even if their French is not good, they will understand and participate in the interactive show between her puppets”. 

At the end of the show, i asked the students if they were lost in the show because of the language and also to recall what they had learnt.

One of the students from LakeSide Academy said: “ French is good and 
we love French. We love how they did the puppet show. We weren’t lost in the show because we totally understood it. It was educative, interesting and fun!”
Samuel, from Lightway Academy, described the show this way: “French is broad and it’s everywhere. It has no limit to being everywhere”.

A student from Cherryfield College, said: “The story line was that the main character had a large family and she went through the struggles of life.”

Another said:“ We understood that it was the life of a young girl that was playing with her Binta and the both of them didn’t complete school but her friend Binta got married. “It was super interesting for me, yeah, I loved it! Most especially, the part when she was spinning her white clothes”.

Another said: “I learnt that we shouldn’t practice witchcraft, we 
should do more of good than evil and we should also take care of our mum and dad.”

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