Ultra-stylish and cozy guide 101

Harmattan is close! It’s that dusty, dry, exceptionally cold, hot and harsh weather that cracks up the lips, skin of the high and low. Let’s face it ladies: Irrespective of your social status, this very good bad weather can make you looking awfully scruffy and dry but just because you have to bundle up for the harmattan doesn't mean you can't look stylishly hot.

So stock your wardrobe with the warmest and chicest accessories around. From sunglasses, scarfs, fedora, head wrap, tights, lip balm, I’ve got you covered looking fabulously hot during the coldest time of the calendar.

1. Stylish Fedora:

To score a major hat trick, you need a stylish fedora to up your game.

2. Chunky Knit Head Wrap:
This perfect mix of sexy and cute is perfect for staying fashionably toasty.

3. Panty Hose:

What a cheap way to extend the life your cotton dresses. Black and grey are the most essential colour and they will go a long way.

4. Cashmere Scarf: 

Ultra stylish and cozy is the new glam. This scarf will have every inch of your neck covered in a fashionable way.

5. Sun glass:

Harmattan can be hell on the eyes courtesy the dust. Glamorously shelter your eyes with any pair you can lay your hands on. 

6. Lip balm: 

Give yourself to any delicious flavour as you moisturize and nourish your lips to avoid chapped or dry lips due to the drying effect of the windy harmattan weather.
Don’t forget to invest in a pair of denim jacket, cardigan and petroleum jelly which must always be in your bag in other to prevent you having a white dried flaky skin.

It’s no secret that during the harmattan season, light skinned girls are always looking radiantly pretty with or without makeup. Without much ado, I humbly present fabulous harmattan copy right looks that are just extremely chic, stylish and cool .

Go ahead and look through! i guarantee that social media will have trending photos of you in no time. Enjoy these small dose of inspiration below:

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