Racism Is Still Alive

I watched an excruciating 10 seconds long disturbing video of the students of University of Oklahoma Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon chanting a very disturbing racist message…. The white college students chanting “There will never be a nigger SAE.” ‪SAE is Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and is one of North America’s largest social fraternities with more than 320,000 initiated members and more than 240 groups. Watch video below:

Although, University of Oklahoma President David Boren has already expelled two students identified as leaders in the racist chant video recorded at an SAE fraternity. Sadly, stories about racism are still alive, fat and so flourishing.

In Nigeria, it is called Tribalism! now imagine this scenario, you an Igbo lady send out 20 Curriculum Vitae, but don't get a single interview. You think your village witches/enemies are just monitoring your destiny, until you find out that your Yoruba friend, who is equally qualified, got invited to multiple interviews. The only difference between the two of you? Your names. Crazy right?! I was once a victim!

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