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The Question That's Causing a BuZz... Do Bees Have Regional Accents?

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All around the world, we have different accents and dialects that show case our cultural and linguistic diversity. Husbands and wives argue over the meaning of words most especially when it comes to MONEY and SEX. lol. We humans are known as communicating animals as we can't seem to do without it. Now, guess what? insects have taken over the communication chain! O yes! You heard me. #wink.

This interesting piece written by Fiona MacRae hints that beekeepers can tell when a bee is happy or sad just by its buzz. So, be careful with whom you offend. Who knows, you might just be stung by a sad buzzing bee in human form. lol. Read write up below:

You've heard of regional burrs. But scientists now claim there maybe such a thing as a regional buzz. Researchers are set to analyse recordings of bees from around the UK to determine if each area has its own dialect.

Species from different continents are known to make different sounds, and scientists want to find out if the same is true for those separated by shorter distances.

Professor Les Baillie, of Cardiff University, said: 'We want to know if the sound of a bee in Cardiff is the same as one in Swansea or in London. They don't have mouths but they make their sound by vibrating their wing muscles.'

The microbiologist and his team who are trying to find new antibiotics in honey- are now calling on members of the public to send in recordings of bees made on their phones from around Wales. If the project generates enough of a buzz, it will be extended across the UK.

Recordings will be analysed by sound engineers, who will look for differences in the frequency and patterns of the buzzes.

If factors such as temperature, humidity and vegetation affect bee's health, the sounds they produce may vary from area to area.

Beekeepers have revealed they can tell from a bee's buzz if it is happy or sad. And animal experts have previously concluded that dogs boast regional accents, with its owner's voice influencing the pitch and tone of its bark.

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