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Willian Grieves Death of His Mother In Brazil

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Willian, the winger for English club Chelsea will miss Chelsea's game against Leicester on Saturday after his mother, Maria Jose Borges da Silva, passed away last night. The Brazilian has flown to Sao Paulo to attend the funeral after being granted compassionate leave by the club.

Willian took to social media, just after midnight to confirm that she had passed away and composed a lengthy heartfelt poem in his native Portuguese, praising her and expressing how much he will miss her. See translated poem below:


In the sky is your place

Where will you be now

Where do you live

Left you so much

After you left here

Just asking

Because I'm so sure

It is in heaven that you are

Yeah near Jesus Christ

I'm sure it's your place.

Because for you to be holy

You don't need canonize

Just be the mother that was

To Sanctify.

Don't think I'm hurt

By punishments to me data

Because between the mother and son

Always all is forgiven.

Can you believe that I'm fine

Because between the punishment and love

Did you do with that I would follow

Definitely a good way.

I miss you so much

That's true

But I still accept

Because we live together

For all eternity.

I'm still here on earth

To his teachings to be faithful

So I can like you

Also have the kingdom of heaven.

Then we'll meet

Have detached from the earth

To participate

Dreamed of eternal life.

#Minhaguerreira #minharainha #teamoeternamente #miss #mourning

The post received over 90,000 likes in just seven hours with fans sending tributes and messages of condolence in their thousands.

Willian’s former club Corinthians tweeted the player their condolences.

Dona Zeze died of cancer in hospital after a two-year battle.

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