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PICs: OLD Yogist Gang in Mind Blowing Positions

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Age is nothing but 1,2,3… but these oldies are giving the young bloods a run for their money. For the love of me, they will certainly put me to shame as i cannot exercise to save my own life! But on a lighter note, if twerking is considered as a mysterious form of yoga, then i might definitely be a grand champion. If (#wishfulthinking) a million coins, tunai, moola, ego, kudi, owo, pesos, dineros, peras,  is at stake, i will wholeheartedly twerk on Donald Trump’s slogan by ‘MAKING TWERK YOGA GREAT AGAIN’ … Never say never! *wink.

See pictures of ladies in their 80’s demonstrating their yoga skills below:

(Photo Credit:Ruaridh Connellan/ Barcroft USA, YouTube.)

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