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Internet Trolls, The Joy Of Being Anonymous

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Online anonymity is often blamed for the prevalence of trolling on internet forums most especially gossip blogs but an experiment carried out by researchers Leonie Rosner and Prof Nicole Kramer from the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany let students loose on a fake football website created by them which revealed users are more likely to be influenced by the tone of others- regardless of whether their identity can be seen. Half of the student commented without registering and half had to use their face book details.

The forum was manipulated so that some saw a civil discussion, whereas others were greeted with insults and offensive language.

SDK blog a leading Nigerian Blog founded by the notorious Stella Dimoko korkus, a Nigerian who resides in Germany is a leading example. The Blog visitors can spew bile for years to come. Most trolls are known as the Aunty gwegs; bitter old and unmarried ladies who feel that their mission here on earth is to destroy, troll and destroy! An innocent post like “ In house Face of today” or “Happy Birthday” will in seconds of getting posted run South as anonymous blog visitors, frenemies, alleged baby mama’s, serial wife beaters, trolls with fake identities will shred, cook up an entire bullshit from their deep cooking pots! You will be amazed with the firsthand, sizzling, piping hot tea with authentic receipts about Nigerian celebrities, clergy men, politicians, courtesans with their famous billionaire lovers like the famous Toronto's notorious Matharoo sisters who allegedly sextorted Nigerian billionaires and gave billionaire wives terrible heartache. Most times huni, the tea spewed are damn real! Yasssss huni! yassssss!!!!

Don’t come for me when I don’t call for you because I’mma come for you real bad with my guns blazing Like Kanye West and Kim kardashian Vs Taylor Swift feud. When you troll me, I’mma troll your pinky back like a psycho with receipts! P.S, be warned! lol

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