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BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS: The Best Cost Effective Ganglion Cyst Remover

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Ganglion cyst aka bible cyst/ bible bumps has always been a part of me as long as I could remember. It developed to the size of a berry in my late teens. It comes and goes as it pleases just like an unfaithful lover.
Having people constantly asking me about the cyst on my right wrist was so embarrassing as I have to constantly keep explaining myself every single day.. Not sexy! I goggled about it and found out that it contains thick clear fluid and was less painful. But honestly mine was!
Back then in the year 2005, a pastor in my local church prayed for church members with lumps in any part of their bodies; miraculously, the cyst disappeared.

Two weeks later, on a bright windy day, it rudely re-appeared.

I was very disappointed to say the least! By all means necessary I wanted the intruder out of my life. I thought of getting it removed surgically but a dear friend of mine decided against it because according to her, hers emerged after an excruciating surgery appointment. she had it drained with a draining needle but unfortunately, the unfaithful lover returned back to base unannounced. 

Recently, I paid a visit to my GP and was advised that if I felt no pain that I should hit the cyst with my bible which according to her was the best plan of action. She said that was the only good option as getting it drained or getting it surgically removed wasn’t realistic as it would eventually come back within few months.

According to emedicinehealth one can likely have the ganglion cyst through:

Joint or tendon injury: areas injured in the past are more likely to develop ganglion cysts. Overuse: people who vigorously use certain joints are more likely to develop ganglion cysts. Female gymnasts, for instance, are particularly prone to it. Osteoarthritis: people with wear-and-tear arthritis in the joints nearest to the fingernail are more likely than others to develop this type of cyst.

I kept pondering and wondering about how this cyst developed… the truth is that I have never, ever, had a joint or tendon injury. I’m not gymnast. Even if I want to be one, my spinal cord is not used to such flexibility! I’m just a blob of fat!

I sprung into action.. weighed the pros and cons of draining, surgery and hitting then I finally came to a sudden conclusion which to me, is the easiest way out; My bible!!! 

It was relatively cost-effective, and a sad story eraser. It was a bit painful but it was worth it.
One year and still counting... 

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