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Zimbabwe Reporter Arrested and Detained over Grace Mugabe 'Used Underwear' Story

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Mrs Mugabe, the president's second wife, who was accused of viciously attacking a young model at a hotel in South Africa for playing questionable hanky panky games with her teenage sons is in the news again! this time around, it's about- used underwear! i wonder what it will be next time. Who knows! maybe, she's getting ready to win the presidential bid off her old man who can barely stand to anything good, bad and satisfying. *wink

Police in the eastern city of Mutare detained Mr Kenneth Nyangani, NewsDay reporter with a "criminal defamation" charges for "allegedly writing and publishing a story over the donation of some used undergarments" by President Robert Mugabe's wife, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights said in a statement.

The privately-owned newspaper had earlier reported that Mr Mupfumi had handed out clothes at the weekend to Zanu-PF supporters in the Mutare area.

"I met the First Lady Grace Mugabe and I was given these clothes so that I can give you. I have briefs for you and I am told that most of your briefs are not in good shape, please come and collect your allocations today," Mr Mupfumi was quoted as saying.

"We have night dresses, sandals and clothes, come and take, this is from your First Lady Grace Mugabe," he added.

She has recently denied the story.

What is wrong with these second wives? powerful and overly confident??. I would love to see blazing Grace featured in E!'s Second Wives club reality show. She's such a handful!

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