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7 Ways To Love The Job You Do.

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Most employees are unhappy with their jobs but think leaving is too radical an option. So here are some steps to boost your enjoyment...

1. Take an extra few minutes to pray in the morning. Everyone feels good when they have taken time to communicate with their maker.- you will be surprised how much positive it will make you feel.

2. Negativity feeds on itself, so try not to fix on the things you don't like about your job. Make it a rule to stop moaning to your friends and family about what's wrong with your work situation.

3. Whenever you are at work, there will probably always be difficult people, so the solution is to change your mind-set: force yourself to think about their positive traits so that you can start viewing them in a better light.

4. Try to avoid entertainment to gossip and bitchiness. you will create negative environment by doing so. Instead challenge your energy into making your job more pleasant.

5. Throw yourself into your job, giving it your very best and you would soon be reaping the benefits.

6. Write a list of 10 good things about the beauty your job and stick it somewhere visible. for example, 'My salary means i can buy the things that make me happy'

7. Set an exit time from work everyday and stick to it. This will speed up the pace to get tasks done towards the end of the day.

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