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Dos & Don'ts by House of Sapphire

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Aim for stunning chic look, and not the green-eyed monster! Make up artist House of Sapphire gives you some top tips on how to get the right look... 

Makeup should only go on a freshly washed and moisturized face.Whatever you're doing,
you have to see what you're doing. Have bright, even light in front of your bathroom mirror.
Blend. Blend. And did I mention...blend! You don't want to see where color begins or ends. Whether it's foundation, blush, or eye color: no hard, drawn lines. An exception to this would be eyeliner, but I prefer even that to be smudged.
go mad and trowel it all on! Dramatic eyes are "in", but going overboard will leave you scary! we want drop-dead gorgeous look not ermmm...dramatic drag queen!

DO give your foundation staying powder by using a gel foundation primer before you apply your makeup. Add a light dusting of loose powder to prevent any unwanted shine.

DON'T use a heavy pressed powder to set your foundation. Too much powder can leave your skin looking chalky and lifeless

DO use flattering neutrals to contour and highlight your eyes. For eyeliners, stick to the classics: black, navy or brown
DON'T get too trendy with your eye makeup. You may think that sparkly eyeliner is a good idea today, but chances are you’ll look back on it years from now and cringe.

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