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3 Perfectly Put Together Christian Names For Your Twin Boys/Girls

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3 Perfectly Put Together Christian Names For Your Twin Boys/Girls .
A name is the most consistent prophecy in a child's life. Anytime that name is mentioned its the prophecy coming through. Ever wonder why God changed Abram to Abraham, sarai to sarah, Jacob to Israel... The names people choose to give their children communicate a wealth of social information — more so now than ever before. And yet there are some names with meanings so uplifting that they gain appeal on that basis alone. What parent can fail to hope is that a name that means wise or noble or loving might inspire a child to embrace those qualities. So, if you've found out that you're about to have twins, don't fret! I have done some research for you.

Perfectly put together names for your twin boys 

1. Andrea and Andrew 
 Basically they are the same name. Andrea comes from Greek origin and Andrew comes from Hebrew origin. They both mean "man or warrior".

2. Christian and Christopher 
These are both excellent Christian baby names because they each have meaning specifically of Christ. Christian means literally "a follower of Christ" while Christopher means "bearer of Christ". At any rate, both of your boys might want to go by "Chris" as a nickname!

3. Isaiah and Isaac
Two very traditional Christian baby names for twin boys each with different meanings. Isaiah means "God is salvation" whereas Isaac means "he will laugh". It's up to you to decide which one of your boys will grow up to be the comedian. ;)

Perfectly put together names for your twin girls

1. Angel and Angelica
You might think these two baby girl names mean the same thing but they do not. Angel actually means "messenger" from the ancient Greek and Angelica means "of the angels" and is of Latin origin. Either way they will both fit your two little angels.

2. Mariah and Mariella 
These two names are both derivatives of "Mary" as in the Virgin Mary. Mariah is an English version whereas Mariella is French. If you want to name your girls after the blessed Mary but don't want to go with unoriginal "Mary" itself, then these are two options.

3. Christiana and Christine
Christina is a "follower of Christ". Christine is "the anointed one"( that's my name) woo hoooo!!! LOL

Perfectly put together names for your baby boy and girl twins

1. Daniel and Danielle
They are both the same meaning of "God is my judge". They are also both of Hebrew origin. If you don't like "Danielle" for a girl, you might want to consider "Daniela" instead. It means the same thing and is the feminine form of "Daniel".

2. Nathaniel and Nathalie
These two names don't mean the same thing, but they both have similar ties to God. Nathaniel means "Gift of God" and comes from ancient Hebrew. Nathalie means "Christ's birthday" and is Italian in origin. It originates from the "nativity" scene of where Christ was born.

In my Church, names are heavily scrutinized and naming ceremony usually takes place at your residence after 7 days of delivery. Your baby/ies, family, friends and some selected church members, gather at your residence to celebrate... The most interesting part is when You/DH are called upon by the Pastorate, to pronounce blessings  upon your new bundle/s of joy...

Contact your local church and ask their advice about a naming ceremony/ Christening and thanksgiving service.

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