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#CRINGE# 5 Inch Sex Toy, Stuck Inside A 38-Year-Old Woman's Vjayjay For 10 SOLID Yrs

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A 38-year-old woman in Scotland who told doctors she was suffering from shaking, incontinence and severe weight loss turned out to have a sex toy stuck inside her vagina that had been there for 10 years. According to an article published in the June edition of the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The woman -- who the article notes was of normal intelligence -- told doctors she used the five-inch toy in a drunken sexual encounter a decade ago and didn't remember whether she took it out or not

By the time surgeons found it, the toy's effects were potentially life-threatening. It had caused a bladder blockage that was forcing urine to back up into her kidneys, and had also created a vesicovaginal fistula, which is a tract that causes urine to flow into the vagina. Just think of all the cringe-worthy things you have heard in your life...This is quality cringe material right here.

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