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Fast and Furious Model Jailed for 91 mph?

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Yasmin Katir

Yassssss!!!! It’s about time! jilted boyfriends, girlfriends, baby mamas, serial baby papas, alcoholics, annoying car renters that blast tunes round the clock, drug peddlers, criminal 101s no matter what your hidden road rage agenda is, you’re gonna be jailed for your road madness. Whether calculated or not, the obvious fact of risk of injury will cost you more than you can chew.

A lingerie model, mom, Yasmin Katir, 27, thought a judge was joking when he jailed her for four months for dangerous driving when she did more than double the 30mph limit during a police chase and at one point hit 91mph on a borrowed car as She drove on to a grassed area then crashed into a house. I don’t know if she fell among-st the categorized list mentioned above #rollseyes but the real tea is that she recently admitted to dangerous driving and aggravated vehicle at Teesside crown court. As she was led from the dock, she said: ‘I’m going to jail? Oh my God. You’re joking.’ And the Handsome judge; a knight in shining armor, the one and only Judge Sean Morris gave her an epic reply: ‘I’m not bothered about your life. I’m bothered about innocent lives.’
Dang! back to reality!!

Control your adrenaline but if you simply can’t, I beg you, don’t drive chile! Don’t let what you see on your movie screen fool ya! there are always serious consequences for your actions! Be wise!!! 

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